The UCLA Arts Software Studio is a group of individuals who develop software within the context of the arts. We create, distribute, perform, modify, and critique software. We trace our history from systems and conceptual art in the 1960s, to internet experimentation in the mid 1990s, to the recent rise of Apps.

The Software Studio has three goals:

  • Cultivate a discussion around software and the arts at UCLA and beyond
  • Fund and assist graduate students who work in this area
  • Provide infrastructure and knowledge around creating software

We propose the following actions to achieve our goals:

  • Use simple networked software such as blogs, wikis, and code repositories to build a knowledge base and audience
  • Attract focused graduate students and encourage this work through fellowships, scholarships, and/or grants
  • Develop and maintain software infrastructure used within the arts

The Software Studio will enhance and build on existing knowledge within the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture. Over the last decade, many students have received MFA degrees for the software they’ve developed. Since 2001, the Software Studio founder Casey Reas has co-developed Processing, an open source programming environment for artists and designers. This tool is used heavily within the University of California system and by hundreds of schools around the world. The studio will continue this work and will potentially develop libraries and extensions for other programming systems.

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