John Houck seminar


John Houck will join us to discuss his work on 25 January 2013 from 6–8pm.

John Houck works with photographic materials and engages in architectural interventions, in both cases focusing on the relationship between embodied perception and depiction. Houck’s background in computer programming, architecture, and photography equip him with extensive knowledge of diverse codes used to generate images. Houck employs such codes—intentionally disrupting their more advanced functions through simple repetition and recursive processes—to create new interstitial sites of resistance. The power of his work lies in a practical and real understanding of the digital systems that order our contemporary experience, and furthermore, the ability to reclaim pervasive systems for intentions at once poetic and defiant. John Houck received his MFA from UCLA, Los Angeles, CA in 2007 and a BA in Architecture from Colorado University, Boulder, CO in 2000. He participated in the Whitney Independent Study (2010) and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (2008) programs and has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in Los Angeles and New York.