p5.js working group


The first ever bicoastal p5.js working group took place on September 23. The working group is an informal biweekly meetup where people interested in contributing to p5.js get together to work on all aspects of p5. We are dedicated to building an inclusive community that welcomes people with all skill levels, backgrounds, and perspectives to be a part of developing and using the platform.

We opened a video portal with the p5.js group working out of NYU ITP, and we had a show and tell of work by Processing Foundation / ITP summer 2016 interns. Aarón Montoya-Moraga shared the work he has done translating the p5.js website and reference materials into Spanish and teaching workshops in Chile. Cassie Tarakajian demonstrated the new p5 web editor she has been developing (coming soon!), and Mathura Govindarajan presented the accessibility research and features she has added to the editor to support low vision and seeing impaired programmers. Finally, Matthew Kaney shared the WebGL updates and shader loading support he has been adding to p5.js.

All of these features and improvements will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The next meeting will take place on October 21. Stay tuned for much more!